I fell in love with the idea of capturing light on film in my twenties when I took a black and white class.  I was shooting an OM-1 with a 50mm lens and printing on an old Beseler enlarger in the bathroom of my apartment.  The camera was small enough that I could wear it everywhere.  I took candid’s in coffeehouses and clubs, on streets and trails.  My career was creating music, my passion was shooting photos and moonlighting in the darkroom.  Then film was overtaken by digital and I had to make a choice. Buy a camera or make a record. I chose to pursue music.

Seven years of shooting a phone on the road sparked the shutterbug again.  On a winter trip to the Wrangell’s in Alaska, I took some photos in the most ethereal light I have ever experienced.  As soon as I came back home to Oregon, I acquired a used Nikon D7100 with a decent lens.  My deep love is in Black & White candid portraits, but the Nikon is pushing me into new colorful territory.  This planet inspires me and I love chasing light.  

I'm excited for the next adventure…..which I think I leave for in three days :)